Jon Stewart breaks silence with rant on ‘man-baby’ Donald Trump

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart chimed in on the presidential election Monday, calling Donald Trump a “man-baby” and jokingly questioning the presumptive Republican nominee’s eligibility to be president.

Jon Stewart launched a stinging new round of criticism against Donald Trump on Monday, calling the presumptive Republican presidential nominee a thin-skinned hypocrite who ridicules political rivals and minorities but implodes when faced with even a minor slight.

Jon Stewart broke his silence on the 2016 presidential race on Monday, holding little back when ripping into presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Jon Stewart on Monday blasted Donald Trump, arguing that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is too childish for the White House.

Time away from The Daily Show has not dulled Jon Stewart’s tongue. The former host blasted presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as “a man-baby.” during a live recording of David Axelrod’s podcast.

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart wondered on Monday whether Donald Trump was even eligible to run for presiden

Jon Stewart breaks silence with rant on 'man-baby' Donald Trump
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